Cat in A Ball Game Design Document

  1. Title Page: Cat in a Ball
  1. Game Overview
    • Game Concept : Cat in a Ball is a puzzle game where player use a ball to go to finish line as fast as posible.
    • Game Genre : Puzzle
    • Target: Everyone
    • Gameplay : Player is using a ball to move to the finish line. There are some obstacles in the way that player must try to avoid.
  2. Story, Setting and Character
    • Game World
      • Settings : Skybox and floor
    • Characters :
      • Ball: The main character that player use.
  1. Levels
    • Level 1 : Basic level.
    • Level 2: Medium level.
    • Level 3: Almost impossible level.
  1. Interface
    • Visual System
      • Time: to know what time has the player play on the level.
    • Control System : The game is using a Mouse and keyboard for play.
    • Audio, music, sound effects: – Stardew Valley OST – Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky) – Jump Sound Effects All Sounds

  1. System Design
    • Rules : Go to finish line without falling out of the map.
    • Scoring : best time
  2. Character Design :
    • Ball:


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